Gourmet Body Pastries’ Testimonials

"I had this patch of eczema on the inside of my arm (at the crease of the elbow) for almost a year. When I visited my cousin for the holidays, she introduced me to gourmet body pastries key lime mousse whipped shea butter. She told me it was natural and she loved it because it smelled good and she stayed moisturized. I tried it and the next day the patch was almost GONE! I absolutely love this product!!!

Jazmyn Williams

Update on Jazmyn Williams

Its basically gone now! :)

“I absolutely love both products. The sugar body scrub and whipped shea butter provide moisture and smells great and not over powering.”

“I keep craving key lime pie!!! I love the way the coconut lime hair moisturizer feels.  I used it this morning on my hair and my rough elbows, and they are still soft!! I love this product!!”

“Whipped shea butter is AWESOME. I've shared it with a couple of people and they couldn't get over the smell. They loved it! “                                    

“I love the coconut lime hair moisturizer.  I've been using it while re-twisting some of my twists and it's providing great "slip."  love the texture of the product and the way it makes my skin feel.  I can't wait to try other scents and products.”

Janice Mason, Gourmet Body Pastries

First Customer