About Us

Gourmet Body Pastries was birthed out of a desire to use healthier body and hair care products. I’ve always taken good care of my skin but never realized most of the products I used were not as healthy for me as I thought. In December of 2009, a close friend was diagnosed with stage 3 estrogen receptive breast cancer. I was extremely concerned at how a female in her late thirties could be so affected by such a disease. After the diagnosis, I wanted to become more knowledgeable about the disease so I began researching and was exposed to a lot of eye-opening information.

I stopped putting relaxers in my hair in 2010 and continued learning the importance of keeping hazardous chemicals, and parabens off my skin and hair. I learned that there were many healing properties in various carrier oils, vegetable butters, essential oils and other ingredients I had in my kitchen cupboards. I started combining various oils, shea butter and a few other ingredients and would place it on my skin. My skin felt moisturized and the product smelled amazing.

In my opinion, most products that are healthier for us don’t necessarily have the greatest scent. Out of my passion for food I began adding dessert scented oils to the product and Gourmet Body Pastries was born.

Melanie Mitchell

Gourmet Body Pastries, Creator

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